Yacht Systems is a specialist in integrated on-board energy management systems, drive trains and heating/cooling.

We’ve pioneered and successfully implemented high-voltage DC-bus systems, now quickly becoming industry standard. Now we’ve set out sights on providing system design and delivery to fully integrate the many complex energy, heating and cooling requirements found on board vessels.

Our focus is on the integrated system and can make bespoke solutions for yachts, passenger ships and working vessels, both small and large. We love a challenge!

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Systems for daily and frequent use. Robust and no-nonsense to fit the needs.

Fully integrated solutions for ultimate comfort and ease-of-use to fit high-end requirements.

Setting up a new system or drafting requirements for a new-build or refit.

About Yacht Systems

Yacht Systems was started from the need to electrify vessels, both from a regulatory need as well as improving quality of life on board. Our mission is to look at the complete vessel, not just individual parts.


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